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Nomad asked 5 months ago

Hi Guys
One of the serves I find particularly tricky to return safely is a long sidespin/topspin serve to the backhand which kicks high after bouncing close to the end of the table.
In your video Dan returned a similar type service by rolling over the top. The high bounce at the end combined with strong sidespin and topspin in this case causes the ball to shoot off the end of the table to the left. 
Have you any advice on how I could keep the return low and prevent the opponent attacking and where is the best area on the opponent’s  side of the table to direct the return. The service is quite well disguised so moving round to take the serve on the forehand opens up the return to attack.

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Dan Academy Coach answered 5 months ago

Hey Alex, I know the problem well, a lot of players I work with find this serve difficult to return. The best way to return this serve is to bebmore brave and really try be positive and topspin firmly over the top of the ball fairly quickly. This makes the side spin take less effect the more of your own topspin you can add.

Just focus on hitting right over the top of the ball and with a nice short shot brush quickly through. Quite often plaers miss this serve as they are too careful and the side spin takes it long or off the side. Give that a try and let us know how you get on!


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