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Resznotes asked 10 months ago

Hello Dan and Tom,
I found the video on dealing with long pushes to the backhand very helpful, so it has me wondering about long pushes to the forehand. In a couple of earlier videos you addressed half-long balls to the forehand, but I’m curious about those deep balls with under spin that push a receiving player back from the table a bit. Could you elaborate on position, bat angle and tension levels? Thanks!

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 10 months ago

Hey Susan, glad you found the backhand push video helpful! Yes it’s quite similar to the technical points needed when playing against these fast deep balls to the forehand as the backhand. So using the legs and body and keeping the weight forward is key. Also you may find you need to open the bat angle slightly because of the speed on the push because you have less time to brush the ball and generate spin.

In terms of tension levels, what is very important you get down and prepare for the shot as quickly as possible and this will allow you to accelerate quickly through the ball on contact. This is the key part, so a little tension at the beginning of the shot but then a relaxed arm and fast contact is key against these fast deep pushes to help counteract the speed and spin coming in towards you.

We will look at making a video on this as we have wit the backhand but any other questions in the meantime just let us know.

Cheers, Tom 🙂

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