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Resznotes asked 10 months ago

Hi, Guys. 
A friend recently changed to short pips on his backhand, and I’m trying to piece together how to defend against attack. In your video on playing with short pips you indicated that short pip players will deliver fast punching shots and there will be very little spin on them. If so, how do I counter? If I use my regular topspin approach I’m guessing that my hits will probably fly off of the table or go into the net. So, do I respond by trying to add extra spin on the ball by dipping my bat lower and brushing? In blocking, would I open my bat more and aim a little more upward? Any changes to the push? 

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Dan Academy Coach answered 10 months ago

Hi Susan!

Yes what you’ve said here is right, you need to play with a bit more topspin and safety against the short pips because of the way the ball comes through flatter and with less spin. Blocking also as you said opening the bat slightly and a little more upward aim. With pushing you won’t need to cut under the ball as much because there is less backs, so more of a feeling of shunting through the ball forwards. Of course you still need to be fairly controlled with these shots but less brush underneath.

Other than that what you said was exactly right, it may take a bit of time getting used to playing it but after a while it will start to feel normal. Any other questions on the short pips just let us know.

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