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Nomad asked 1 week ago
Hi T
Dan / Tom
Since my last question on countering the fast topspin to the backhand I have used the robot in an attempt
to simulate the Harimoto backhand stroke where the bat is more open and so gets better contact on the ball.
I know this is only a slow version of the stroke but I believe it shows the technique I am using a little better.
I think this might work when I get more practise and can speed up the stroke ahgainst heavier topspin but I would
welcome your views on the stroke so far.

Much obliged


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TomTom Academy Coach answered 6 days ago

Hi Alex, wow this is a big improvement from the last couple of videos I’ve seen of your backhand! It looks nice and compact, has a good bat angle and looks more relaxed as well. I definitely think you can develop this into a really effective attacking shot too with practice. But right now it looks great, probably the only very slight thing to think about now is staying a bit more forward woth your body which will help control heavy topspin if it comes at you, but overall it’s looking great!


replied 6 days ago

Thank Tom
I have already played a few games against club players using this style and found it gave me more control and
have also increased the speed to an extent that I can produce outright winners from a medium paced topspin to my backhand from the opponent with the adjusted bat angle. I will take on board your observation regarding forward body position for counteracting the faster topspin drives.

Another thing I noticed with the backhand grip with the new bat angle was that by moving my thumb a couple of inches up from the shoulder of the bat handle to the rubber helped maintain the angle and also allowed me to lower the bat angle by simply pressing my thumb on the right hand side of the blade for counteracting faster topspin.

Again, much obliged for your comments Tom. I will keep you updated on my progress.


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