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Nomad asked 4 weeks ago

Hi Tom
As promised I have attached the latest short video of the development of my topspin and backhand drives. I was limited for space so could only go back so far but you can probably see a definite turn of the right shoulder and bending of the wrist in the backhand stroke which is now more powerful than the one shown in video I sent you when I first joined the Academy.  As you also noted, I think the forehand has also made significant improvements in terms of spin and control.
I believe if I was now forced back from the table I would be able to use more of a shoulder and trunk turn on both forehand and backhand side to produce even more power which could hopefully take the opponent by surprise and turn a potential defensive position into an opportunity for attack.
Next thing I will have to look at is the development of new serves I have been practicing !!
Thanks again for your help.

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 4 weeks ago

Hi Alex, Yes this stroke has also improved an amazing amount from clips I’ve seen in the past so that’s great to see! You definitely have much better rotation and weight transfer of the body now and also as you mentioned I think if you have more space this shot will become even more effective because when you are forced away you can use a spin to get back into the table again, or as you said even a strong counter attack away from the table.

The best ones you hit here were when you go the timing right at the peak of the bounce, kept your weight forward and managed to finish out in front of the body with the bat and release the wrist out, great work!

Serves are always good to practice and improve for sure! Cheers, Tom

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