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sascharossier asked 4 months ago

In The Video Series with Par Gerell he is pointing out three different Grips: Forehand Grip, Neutral grip and Backhand Grip. Until now I thought there was only one correct grip that works for forehand and backhand (As you pointed out in your Video “How to hold a Table Tennis Bat”) This contradiction is a bit confusing for me to understand. Can you please shed some light? Thx a heep and Greets from Switzerland.

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 4 months ago

Hey sascha,

Yes I understand what you mean, the neutral grip is basically what most players will be aiming for when playing and what we teach in our video, as it’s the comfortable balance for backhand and forehand.

Some players chnage thier grip slightly, between backhand and forehand as it feels easier. E.g the forehand grip show in the Pär Gerell course is easier for forehand and backhand grip more comfortable to play backhands, of course its not ideal to change grips all thw time so the best way is to find a balance and get the neutral grip and make small adjustments if necessary to feel comfortable individually.

When serving however you often change the grip, like in a normal pendulum serve for example. So for these serves in the Pär course it’s best to set up with the backhand grip and then switch back to your normal playing grip after serving.

What is important with the grip for any shot is that it doesn’t limit you and it feels comfortable, every player will have very slightly different grips.

I hope thay helps and anything else or other questions just reply back on here, hope all is well in Switzerland 🙂

replied 4 months ago

Hej Tom
Thanx for the Answer! Makes sense now. Awesome content on your website! I was able to pimp my pong big time with your tipps and advices. Thanx a Heep!

Academy Coach replied 4 months ago

Hey Sascha,

No problem at all, and it’s always nice to hear people are having success with our coaching from the Academy so thanks and we’re glad it’s helping you improve 🙂

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