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Nomad asked 6 months ago

Hi Dan / Tom
Further to your review of the Dignics 09C rubber. You mentioned that you were surprised at the higher arc of the 09C due to its strong grip and to compensate you had to lower the bat angle on approaching the ball especially when returning heavy topspin.
I recently played against an aggressive topspin opponent and by changing the angle of my bat from 45 degrees to approximately 30 degrees on the forehand side using 09C I found that I had better control and could return the topspin with interest. 
My question is …. did you adjust the angle to nearer the 45 degree angle when counter topspinning further back from the table, or get lower below the ball and increase speed…or both?
Regarding the blade, I use a Tibhar Rapid Light bat. Is there an alternative blade you would recommend for Dignics 09C and Dignics 80 rubbers?

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 6 months ago

Hey Alex,

I think it’s mostly just about adjusting the bat abgle correctly for each shot and if you are further back etc. Its really good whennyou do get used to this and adapt ,as you say the control and spin you can generate is really good.

I think the danger when dropping the bat, especially with a rubber like 09c is that you can easily hit the ball long off the end ofbthe table with the higher arc that’s produced.

As for the blade I think it’s quite personal and your own preference really. I’d stick with something you’ve used before and are comfortable with or at least something similar so as not to make big changes to your equipment set up.

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