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Nomad asked 11 months ago

Hi Guys
I watched your video on how to drop back from the table and noticed that they were about how to overcome players who dropped back to defend. I recently played an opponent who dropped back from the table, not to defend, but to use a strong topspin attack which he could direct to either my backhand or forehand. The ball was quite deep and kicked which drove me back from the table in order to counter the spin. I could then counter topspin on the forehand but struggled with the fast, heavy topspin ball on the backhand further back from the table.
I decided to change tactics and stayed close to the table and blocked with my bat almost fully closed on either hand. I could then control the direction and speed of my return more easily and he then started to make mistakes which allowed me in to attack any loose ball.
I wondered what tactics you would have used against a strong topspin player like this. Would you have stayed back to counter topspin or moved in to block or perhaps use both methods.
Great video, by the way!

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 11 months ago

Hey Alex,

I would say in this situation a bit of both methods you mentioned depending on the topspin from the opponent, sometimes if it’s very deep you need to step back and give yourself more time and space to play a good shot.

However if you can then try to get back into the table and block or counter attack to out your opponent back under pressure that’s ideal.

To block these shots well you need to have a relaxed grip and try to have a soft contact on the ball to control the speed and spin. Glad you enjoyed the video Alex and hope this helps too!

Tom 🙂

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