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ReeceTowe123 asked 1 year ago

How can I improve the feeling of dwell on the ball most of the time to me it feels like I’m brushing it but it is still in and out very quickly. I have had shots where I feel as if the ball has stuck to the rubber and then it slings off with amazing spin and speed. Is there anything I can do to learn how to do it consistently.

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 1 year ago

Hey Reece, yes you can definitely get this lore consistent and improve this feeling but it just takes time and repetitions. I would say what’s important though is making sure you don’t grip the bat too tightly, this can cause poor contact and with a relaxed grip.its much easier to feel the ball and get this dwell you spoke about.

Also if you can really focus on using the body and legs in the shot it means the arm can bee slightly more loose and relaxed too, which allows you to really whip through and accelerate well which will improve the contact and spin again.

Let us know how you get on and any other questions on this topic 🙂

replied 1 year ago


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