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Nomad asked 8 months ago

Hi Tom/Dan
Just finished watching your video on energy store and release which I thought was excellent. As a qualified bowling coach I use a similar formula (1,2, pause 3) for the delivery of the bowl.  As you mentioned in your video, the slight pause is a key part of developing a strong attacking stroke. The pause ensures there is no conflict between the backswing and forward action so one does not cancel out the other.
I have attached a link to a short video for your attention. Unfortunately I have limited space at the back and sides and so can’t show the action to best effect but when playing further back from the table in a standard playing area I get down further and so make more use of my legs and upper body to create more spin and speed.
Any advice or comments will be appreciated.
Best regards

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Dan Academy Coach answered 8 months ago

Hey Alex,

That’s interesting you have the same approach in bowling, it makes sense actually! The pause is definitely key and helps with the rhythm and makes the backswing and forward actions link together.

The main thing I noticed from the video you sent that I think will help you is getting your arm to hinge more from the elbow on both backhand and forehand. To do this you will need to focus more on the lower part of your arm and wrist being a little more relaxed and with a slightly looser grip. I think the overall movement and technique is good, just needs to be a little more loose and fluid so you can keep improving the weight transfer. If you can get this more relaxed and loose feeling I think the pause and energy release will be even better because you’ll be able to accelerate through the ball with a faster action.

Lastly I think on the forehand side you can close the bat angle slightly and try to contact slightly more across the top of the ball to generate more spin. This will mean a bit more control and help you stay relaxed as I said. Let us know if you have any other questions on this 🙂

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