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Dipak1974 asked 9 months ago

Hi Guys hope lockdown is treating you well. So frustrating though ?
right my apologies in advance as my query doesn’t relate to me but I have been asked advice but I don’t want to steer someone in wrong direction. 
One of my practice partners had his equipment stolen ( Joola Fever with Rhyzer 48 fh Rhyzer 43 Bh)    But for some reason he wants a new set up don’t ask me why ?. His technique needs a lot of work with control tbh first but hey upto him but he has asked me for advice. 
personally he can’t go any faster than what he had I told him. I think he’s open to getting sans joola fever blade but wants to try different rubbers. 

I have listed some that I might think would suit him but I don’t know how they would compare to the Rhyzer rubbers he had. 

1. Stiga dna pro M
2. Tenergy 05fx
3. Rozena 
4. Rakza 7 
im leaning towards telling him to try Stiga Dna pro M but I’m not sure how that would compare to joola rhyzers? 

I personally use butterfly Innerforce with Dignics but I think that would be too fast for him and he doesn’t want to spend so much either. 

again apologies this question doesn’t relate to me but I don’t want to advise him wrongly. 

cheers guys 

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Dan Academy Coach answered 9 months ago

Hey Deep, ye it’s very frustrating especially after being able to play again and now have to stop, but we’ll get through it! That’s ok we’re happy to answer any questions linked to table tennis. Yes I think you are right that the set up you have would be much to fast for him and also not cheap either, I would suggest going for a controlled blade or the Joola fever one as he will be used to it. Then I would probably go for either the Stiga DNA M or the Rakza 7, both of those have the highest amount of control whilst still having a good speed, so they are the best balance I think. DNA M won’t be a crazy difference to the rhyzer rubbers but I fell it has a touch more spin quality than them. I hope that’s helpful and he gets his equipment sorted. 🙂

Cheers, Dan

Dipak1974 answered 9 months ago

Hi Dan 
thanks for the quick response. How would the rakza 7 compare to the stiga dna pro M? I was leaning on advising him one of those anyway. I think rozena would be a step down for him from Rhyzer and my son is now on rozena so I don’t think he will want to have same rubbers as my 13 yr old son! 

how would tenergy 05fx compare to stiga dna or rakza? He has asked about tenergy but I said 05 would be too fast for him but did say Mayb 05fx may work. 

for the added option if he chooses to change blades also what would you suggest close to Joola fever? 

I thought Mayb the below:- 
1. Victus zx gear IN
2. Victus zx fibre
3. innerforce Layer ALC 

Dan Academy Coach answered 9 months ago

No problem, I would say they are fairly similar but the Rakza 7 is a bit slower and possibly easier to control for less advanced players. I think Tenergy 05fx will be more springy and harder to control compared to DNA and the other rubbers we mentioned to be honest, it has quite a different feel.

I’m a big fan of the innerforce blades I think they are a great balance of control and speed feel. So from those options I’d definitely say that would be choice.

Dipak1974 answered 9 months ago

Hi Dan 
Thanks for the reply. I will suggest either rakza 7 or Stiga dna pro M to him and he can decide by doing his own research too. ?
I just bought a IFLALC myself to test out. Managed to try yday as I have a table it’s definitely slower than my Apolonia but it’s also lighter at 85g where my Apolonia is 91g. Ideally wanted IFLALC at about 88g but guess pot luck what turns up. First time trying I did like it and once the new rubbers have broken in I will have a better idea. 

I really hope this testing doesn’t confuse me whether I prefer it or Apolonia. ??‍♂️


Dan Academy Coach answered 8 months ago

That sounds like both good suggestions to me, I’m sure you will enjoy the innerforce when you get used to it. Unfortunately yes it’s often just pot luck the weight of each blade you get sent. I’m sure it won’t confuse you too much, just try to give each one a fair test and be open minded ?

Dipak1974 answered 8 months ago

Hi guys 
I won’t start a new thread as it’s a question about a table. I’m looking at getting a foldaway cheap and cheerful table for home for basic stuff like serve practice and serve receives etc… space and storage is limited so I need a foldaway type. 
I do have a proper butterfly rollaway table at my showroom but it’s too big to bring home and store and being in and out of lockdown I don’t to be at work any longer than needed specially with winter coming. Secondly a table at hone would be ideal as my son can keep practicing serves without me having to take him to my work place unnecessarily. 

I have seen a couple and they are not expensive at all but if I send u guys link would you be able to advise if they would be ok for home use basic practice?

I’m not sure if I have linked correctly. I can email them if I can have email address. 

they are nothing major just home use ideal if storage is issue. My main concern is the playing tops are 12mm and 15mm mdf so not quite same as higher end tables as they are over 20mm but would these surfaces still have decent bounce and suffice for basic serve practice and basic drill? 

TomTom Academy Coach answered 8 months ago

Hey, I thought I’d jump into this topic for you. For a nice basic table you can use at home the 12 or 15mm tops will be absolutely fine, they are slightly different to the higher end competition tables but definitely not an issue for serve practice and other basic drills at home. Out of these two I would go for the air king one, the second link down because it has a slightly thicker 15mm top compared to the other one which is 12mm and also I think that one is a little more sturdy from memory as well.

But again both wouldn’t be too bad but the air king one is probably worth the extra £30 or so, it will be great to have a table at home for you and your son and I’m sure will benefit your serves for sure! 🙂

Dipak1974 answered 8 months ago

Hi Tom thanks for the response. I was also thinking air king one but my only concern is each half also folds into qtrs from the middle line if you noticed which is even better for storage tbh but my concern is would a gap develop at the middle line over time. Would each half unfold properly and evenly so it’s level and no gap would develop? 

my concern is that a split down the middle would still be a split down the middle so would it still play as if one piece though? 

TomTom Academy Coach answered 8 months ago

That’s a good point I didn’t notice that, but to be honest I don’t think it will have too much impact really. Still maybe safer to go for the other one which just folds in half though, as that is a bit odd having it fold in to quarters ?

Dipak1974 answered 8 months ago

hi Tom what u think of above one from teesport? I think better playing surface and I would get discount from our club account but this one is currently out of stock but there’s no real rush unless they not getting in again which I will have to find out from them. 

TomTom Academy Coach answered 8 months ago

I would say this one is higher quality to be fair, its a better playing surface as you said. Just have to give them a shout and see when or if it’s coming back in stock or they can get one for you.

Dipak1974 answered 8 months ago

Hi Tom 
After reading up quite a few sights stated 19mm is way better than 16mm playing surface and 19mm should ideally be minimum to go for. Club and pro ones beings 22mm and 25mm. 

I have decided on the one below:-

The one at my showroom is also a 19mm one and it plays perfectly well anyway. 

just wanted to say thanks for being helpful and thanks to Dan for answering queries I had which didn’t relate to myself. 

I haven’t seen the new videos yet but Great works guys providing content at such frustrating times still. Keep up the good professional work! 


TomTom Academy Coach answered 8 months ago

Hey Deep,

No worries at all and that table will be good quality I’m sure. We’re glad to help and we’ll definitely keep adding new content to the Academy as soon as possible.

Many thanks, all the best, Tom and Dan

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