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Iwilllearnbackhandloops asked 6 months ago

Any chance of any tips of even a video on giving a “positive” long push with a lot of spin. I’ve been watching some attacking play where this seems really effective.
I’m seeing more player put in a fast low ball which unless you are playing at a very high standard get’s a lot of pushes back allowing them to then take the initiative.
Do you think this is worth working on or should the focus be more on attack, attack, attack?

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 6 months ago

Hi there, I think for even attacking players this is a great shot which can be very effective and worth working on. I ise this shot quite a bit especially on the return of serves to force opponents out of position and hopefully get a weaker ball back as you mentioned.

We do have a video on how to make your long push more effective, not sure if you have seen that one?

This will help if you haven’t seen it, it’s important to get the bat angle right and have a good early timing if you want an aggressive push. Also really try to focus on hitting the frong edge of the rubber to get the maximum brush and acceleration into the push. Let us know if that helps!

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