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Reece_Taylor-Lock-894644 asked 1 month ago

Hey guys, A top player in my league uses a long fast super loaded sidespin serve sometimes pure side sometimes backspin side right into the body, hard to push it with forehand or hit with backhand as it goes into a awkward area any tips to return it?

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Dan Academy Coach answered 1 month ago

Hey Reece, yeah these types of serves can be nasty to return and I know a lot of people do struggle! I would say if you can try to get ready early for this serve and move into position to play a forehand topspin return. This is sometimes easier to control rather than a backhand like you said. Of course you need to be quick on your feet but I’m sure it will help you. It’s definitely better to try to topspin these serves rather than push for sure, because it’s hard to keep the sidespin low on the return when pushing.

So I think try to get used to always playing a topspin return and also to not be too careful when playing it, you need to try to play a positive shot which will cancel out some of their spin from the serve, if you try to play to safe and don’t accelerate enough the sidespin can make the ball ping off to the side and miss.

I hope this helps and let us know how you get on!


replied 1 month ago

Cheers Dan will take the tips on board have a good day

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