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lem496 asked 2 weeks ago

Hey Guys,
As I mentioned in my previous post I tore my bicep tendon while executing a FH Topspin/ Loop last week. This was caused by the sudden contraction of my bicep  when finishing the stroke. I was just watching your FH Topspin tutorial. During the walk through demonstration of the stroke  @1:34 mark of the video Tom’s backswing he brings the bat back, straightens his arm a bit and brings his Elbow back to 90 degrees to finish the stroke. When Dan is actually doing the stroke it appears as if his elbow remains @ 90 degrees throughout the entire stroke. I’ve noticed this among many top players. Is this just an illusion because of camera angle or am I just doing something wrong by “snapping “ my elbow back to 90 degrees to finish the stroke? 

Thanks in advance for your response,

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Lem, no you aren’t doing anything wrong here at all. Lots of players snap the forearm slightly more or less extensively, just down to variety on techniques. If you watch lots of the Chinese players they tent to really straighten put the arm on the backswing and European players in general have a more 90 degree angle through the shot. Of course all players are slightly different and it comes down to personal feeling, of course within the correct technique still.

Sometimes you may find it brings less stress on your arm by not completing snapping it to 90 degrees and making sure to stay relaxed. I wouldn’t say this caused your injury though unless you have a lot of tension in your arm.

Cheers, Tom

replied 2 weeks ago

This makes a lot of sense. My last two coaches are Chinese. My current coach is big on finishing the stroke with a snap with the bat ending in a salute position. I’ve had several shoulder surgeries in the past that probably contributed to my current injury. I do have a tendency to over hit if I’m in an extended rally, which is exactly what happened last week. Switching to a more European type FH just might save me. I visited with a sports physician who said without surgery FH pushes and most BH strokes will make it very difficult to play in league and tournaments because those movements would quickly fatigue the muscle causing it to cramp. If I forego the surgery and it’s 4 to 6 month rehab my coach says Long Pimples on my BH might be at least a partial answer. Unfortunately, no one likes playing pip players at the club unless force to during league or tournaments. I’ve got to make a decision soon , there’s a six week window after the injury for optimal results. Thanks for your input.

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