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derikgonzales asked 11 months ago

Hi Coaches!
Hope you are doing well. I would like to get ageberal feedback on my FH topspin technique. Any suggestion will be great to increase my consistency. Also, if you look at 0:15 seconds mark, i noticed that my right foot actually moves a little forward (when the shoes squeaks) when hitting the ball harder which i feel makes me slow on my recovery. Is that motion normal? Any feedback would be a great help. Heres the link thank you and I honestly feel you guys are doing reat with the academy. I have been learning heaps!

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 11 months ago

Hey, thanks that’s great to hear you are enjoying the Academy and it’s helping you improve!

So the motion you mentioned here where your shoe squeaked is definitely normal and it just show you are actually adjusting your feet and position well! As long as you don’t bring the right foot forward too much when doing this,as you said it makes recovery more difficult. But to me here yours looks fine. I think overall you haveva very strong technique here, just one main point that will help os a little more body rotation, so from your waist rotating back and then through again as you contact the ball. This will add power without you having to move your right foot as well. If you have a little more body turn it also helps your arm to be relaxed as you are making more use of the energy from the legs, body and weight transfer. But this is a small detail and not a big change, your technique is solid overall so keep up the good work! 🙂

replied 11 months ago

Thanks Tom! I’ll keep that in mind on my next training session. Cheers!

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