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Bobv asked 4 months ago

Hi once again, and as always, I appreciate your help! 
Can you give any advice on how to best hit no spin chops with inverted rubber? I think this would be good to mix in with my standard chops. In addition, how about no spin pushes, as well. That is one thing I see Satoshi Aida do quite a bit. Thanks so much and looking forward to next months videos! 

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 4 months ago

Hi Bobv, no problem were here to help! Basically to hit no spin chops or pushes its about the contact on the ball, so instead of brushing underneath tje ball to create backspin you are looking for less brush and to hit the trailing edge of the bat which means you won’t drag the rubber across the ball creating spin.

We will make a video on how to effectively do this so we can demonstrate it to you much easier. I also have a match where I played against Satoshi Aida so we can use some examples from that game too.

Also for no spin chops iys important your stroke stays as similar as possible to the backspin balls so it’s hard for the opponents to read. Try when pushing over the table to shunt the ball through with a thicker contact
But still a fast acceleration this can give the illusion of a lot of spin being created when really it’s a no spin/float.

When away from the table more you have to try to chop down the ball slightly more without cutting underneath so much to get less spin on the ball, again focus on less brushing underneath and more of a hitting feeling. Hope this helps for now before we can make the video on this topic to show you in detail!

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