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cos asked 3 years ago

hi, when someone is serve short on my forehand most of the time i touch short or do a push, the problem for me is that i feel that i loose balance and i feel unstable or not ready for the next ball after i do the touch or the push, so, for sure i do something wrong, my questions is how do you aproach this situation? or what is the right way footwork for this scenario? thx

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 3 years ago

Hey! Ok so in this area it is important to step in strongly under the table with your leg and keep your head and body low and close to the ball which will help you stay balanced. If you are right handed you need to step in under the table with your right leg and left handed you step in with your left.

Be sure to completely finish your touch or push shot before you try to move back out again, this will again help you keep balanced. Let us know how you get on and if feel free to send us a video of this and we will give you feedback.

Thanks, Tom

replied 3 years ago

do i use the leg when returning a short ball

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