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maurice101 asked 2 years ago

Some players use a jump to a new footwork position. Some players are light on their feet and it is all a dance. I suck at footwork. Is this to do with pushing off the ground at the start of the swing allowing an up movement of body weight then down that gets stored in legs for new jump position? I think there is more than meets the eye in this topic. Any suggestions to make footwork more of a dance?

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 2 years ago

Hi Maurice, yes I know what you mean and footwork is an important area for sure. You can think of thw slight upward movement and then coming down again to store energy for the the next movement. However it is important to stay loe and keep your head and body the same height when moving, really try to be on the balls of your feet and feel as of your movements are light and not to heavy when you contact the ground.

A really good way to improve this is skipping woth a rope and improving your foot speed and contact on the ground. I would also suggest plenty of simple footwork drills such as 2 backhands 2 forehands to really allow gou to focus on just the movement and trying to use your legs to push off but keep the jead and body forward and low.

I understand what you mean with the jump action but this probably isn’t the best way to visulise movement, it should be a pretty quiet sound when you contact the floor and not heavy like a jump would be.

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