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singhpong asked 6 years ago

For topspinning a downspin ball what should i do?My loop is often very slow and high.I am currently using hurricane 3 provincial rubber and blade is viscaria.Should i go for more forward ? And how should be the bat angle.Please share your tips.I want my topspin to be very low and spinny.

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Dan Academy Coach answered 6 years ago

Hi Singhpong, that’s great question. With hurricane it’s definitely a rubber with good grip and spin so you can close the bat angle slightly and brush the ball forward more. If you take a look at our video on forehand topspin against backspin here: At 3 minutes we demonstrate this in slow motion.

If you find your shots are a bit slow, we also speak in this video about having a fast arm and acceleration using the elbow, this will help you generate more speed. If you can do this and also keep a good brushing contact on the ball you will be able to keep the ball low and with a lot of spin like you mentioned.

Also try and use your legs, good bend in the knees helps produce greater momentum and power into the ball. Use your legs to accelerate your body into the ball.

So give that a try and have a look at the video. Try and upload a video of yourself onto youtube and we can also give you further tips. Let us know how you get on or if you need any more help!

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