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Slicepong asked 3 years ago

Hi Tom and Dan.How are you?  For a while I’ve been trying to figure out why I find pivot footwork so much more comfortable than regular lateral  forehand footwork. I feel I have better weight transfer and momentum and I don’t think it’s just because the pivot is usually done on a fairly slow ball. On the pivot it seems  I’m transferring the weight  much better and it’s a smoother, more relaxed shot. I’m not sure why. Obviously, some times you’re under pressure and can’t get an optimal swing, but even on medicore balls I don’t seem to hit as consistenly on a regular forehand. I think I’m moving correctly and work hard to have an athletic stance, but I have trouble getting on top of the ball. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Slicepong answered 3 years ago

Hi Guys. I think I’ve figured it out. I start on the balls of my feet, but when I’m swinging I’m on my toes, so I feel off balance. If I concentrate on swinging from the balls (so to speak!) I have a much smoother, comfortable swing. Your vid on wide forehands helped remind me of this, especially when Dan said “I’m on the balls of my feet.”-Slicepong

Dan Academy Coach answered 3 years ago

Hi Slicepong, glad you have found out what’s helping and making the shot more solid. Most people actually do find that their forehand is often better when pivoting as you are in a more natural position to rotate abd transfer tour weight easier from the backhand corner as you will end up more side on from there.

Definitely agree with what you say about thebvalls of your feet though that’s important for stability and balance. Other areas are just making sure you arw fown low and body is forward which will help you rotate and also transfer your weight well 🙂

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