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carlosdonic asked 8 months ago

 Hi Dan and Tom. I recently purchase the serving masterclass of Par Gerell and i liked a lot. Something especial in the second class was about the grip that he use in the forehand (is quite diferent) just between the carpal and proximal phalanx in the thumb . ¿par gerell fhdid you know the pro and cons of that kind of grip? 

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 8 months ago

Hi Carlos,

That’s great that you are enjoying the Par Gerell course. With this kind of forehand grip it makes it much easier in the rally to connect cleanly with the ball and gives the correct bat angle so youbcan hit in all directions. With the backhand grip which is needed for the Pär serves it gives the right bat position to play backhands and when you exegerate this grip it can ber very effective for the serves as Pär shows.

I hope I understood your question properly but please correct me if that wasn’t exactly wjat you wanted to know.


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