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martink asked 3 years ago

Hi guys. I have watched recently the videos on forehand timing, and found especially the YouTube-video more relevant. I recognize the rushed feeling from drill 2 when training on forehand topspin, always being out of time. Of course, it may be the choice of training partners too, who play faster and faster till the ball goes into the net or out. I never feel like this on the backhand (shorter stroke?), so I hope the delay from tip 2 is something to focus on, maybe faster recovery too?

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 3 years ago

Hi Martin, Yes I think the feeling from drill 2 in the YouTube video happens to quite a lot of players. Your right it doesn’t happen as much on the backhand as your body is behind the ball and it is a shorter shot. I think its a brilliant thing to practice this small pause and having more time between your backs swing and contact, also as you said having a faster recovery.

To do this keeping a relaxed arm and compact shot is very important, you also made a good point earlier about practice partners and trying not to simply play faster and faster. You need to play at a pace you are able to stay consistent and then gradually increase and improve your speed rather than playing too fast and making a high number of mistakes.

So be sure to practice that drill number 2 and having the feeling of a pause and giving yourself more time to accelerate!

Academy Coach replied 3 years ago

Hi Martin,

I just want to add that I think Tom is right here in that practicing this pause will really help your backhand. I have had problems with my backhand over the last few years and since I’ve worked on staying relaxed and pausing by contacting the ball at the highest point and not to early has given me a lot more accuracy. Once you connect the ball with the right timing you will not feel rushed and you will play with more flow and feeling. That is the goal you want to try and achieve on the backhand..

Glad you’re enjoying the videos Martin! 🙂 Keep us posted and if you can send us a video in of you doing your backhand that would be great, we can provide further analyse on your shot.

replied 3 years ago

Thanks Tom and Dan 🙂 Very insightful comments here. Dan, it is the forehand timing that is the issue here, not backhand. I find the timing on backhand more natural.

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