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maurice101 asked 8 months ago

My coach told me yesterday all top players keep the forehand topspin stroke to close to the net in height. So he wanted me to hit the ball at about 1 o’clock to achieve this. A high bouncing ball is a lot easier to return was the reason. Of course this is a bit more risky that the shot goes into the net. He said most misses are shots long and not into the net. Is this advice only good for real top players or is it valid for the usual club player?

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Dan Academy Coach answered 8 months ago

Hi Maurice,
Good question, your coach is right there in that keeping the ball low does help avoid players counter attack. Ideally low and deep to the table is the optimum placement. I think this advice helps all players, but what is important is to not worry to much about this for now and and focus on your quality of shot… is your shot spinny, consistent and good placement.
If you could send in some videos of you playing your shots that would be great to analyse 🙂
Talk soon,

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