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maurice101 asked 4 months ago

I enjoyed the forehand wrist video. My coach says that you use the wrist in the forehand naturally if your hand is relaxed. In your video you seem to imply that you try to use the wrist at ball contact. There seems to be 2 differing views of this topic and I wonder if you can expand on this. Thanks.

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 4 months ago

Hi Maurice,

I agree with your coach, that some players definitely will use the wrist naturally if they are relaxed enough. However many players also don’t use this even when relaxed so it’s good to be aware of it and can really help increase spin especially, but also power when used well.

I would also say that even if some players are relaxed and you are using the wrist slightly, sometimes really isolating areas of technique and thinking about them can help you maximise the use of specific parts, such as the wrist. And you can actually improve the use of the wrist for example acceleration on contact and getting the whole arm moving smoothly and together etc. I think on certain shots actually specifically thinking about using the wrist can help for example when picking up a low backspin ball when slightly out of position.

I absolutely agree with your coach that being relaxed is key, he’s spot on! I wouldn’t say we have differing views as such but each coach has their own unique way if explaining things. Hope that makes sense and any other questions feel free to get back to me on here 🙂


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