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lem496 asked 10 months ago

Hi guys,
I hope all is well. I’ve been playing with Hurricane Neo3 on my forehand using a Garaydia ALC blade for a while now with quite a bit of success. My coach said its time to move to Tenergy 05. I found an old Tenergy 05 that was used as a demo at the club and started using it. I couldn’t believe the difference, such a different feel and so much more speed. I always have two blades that are identical, so I bought a new 05 and put it on my second blade. The play between the two isn’t even close. The new rubber seems to lack the “touch” I had with the older rubber. It just feels hard and less  spinney than the old rubber. I know the old rubber was put on and taken off at least 3 times. Is it possible that just gluing and regluing it with chalk boosted it? Do I just prefer the feel of an old rubber that’s past its prime? A friend suggested I just get used to hit or try 05FX. I’m at a loss as to what to do. Eventually I’ll have to replace the older rubber, could FX be the answer? Does Tenergy have a break in period? Is this a common problem? I’m in a tournament this weekend, I definitely will be using the old rubber. 
Stay safe,

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 10 months ago

Hey Lem, Yes over time the feeling of rubbers when they have been played with changes quite a bit and becomes more worn in. You become very used to the feeling and touch of the rubber and when you do change the new one can feel alien and not great. This will improve over time playing with the new one for sure and after a while you’ll feel it’s much closer to the one you had before. The taking off and gluing back on again that you mentioned won’t have boosted it in any way but what it will do it make the rubber feel softer. So trying tenergy 05fx might not be a bad suggestion as it’s just a softer version of 05. I would suggest after the tournament this weekend giving the new one a try for a couple of weeks and see how it feels then, if you still feel it isn’t anywhere near to the old one you had, then perhaps when you replace the old one you have with a sheet of 05fx.
Stay safe, cheers, Tom

replied 10 months ago

Thanks for the response. I’m confused, isn’t boosting a rubbers goal to make it feel softer.
I’m a bit frustrated, I’ve followed the advice to ignore equipment for now and concentrate on form. Changing from Hurricane to Tenergy has my head spinning. I’ve made a pact with my coach to follow her advice for 1 year no matter what. She’s a very traditional Chinese coach, very focused on form and feet. She said Hurricane has served its purpose, time to move on. So far I’ve trusted her with great results , I guess there’s no point in doubting her now.

Academy Coach replied 10 months ago

No worries Lem, part of the effect of boost is that it slightly softens the rubbers yes. But it also changes the characteristics and feelings in other ways too because of how it effects the sponge, so you get more speed and an added elastic feel with boost. With glue alone it would only soften the rubbers. I think playing going from Hurricane to tenergy would be a huge change for anyone and it will take time to adapt. Personally I think tenergy on the long term will be much better for you. Its just being patient in the mean time whole you adapting to the differences 🙂

replied 10 months ago


I’ll be uploading a video soon. I’d like your feedback on my progress.

Stay safe

Academy Coach replied 10 months ago

Awesome Lem look forward to it. Take care, Tom

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