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martink asked 6 months ago

Hi Tom and Dan,
What is your opinion on and practice when it comes to glue layers? I always use just one layer on the rubber and one on the bat, and it all just sticks very well together. Would using two or more layers on the rubber result in a measurable performance increase? I find it very unlikely, but maybe I am missing something. You guys are almost professionals, so I am sure you have an opinion and probably know what is common practice on high level in clubs.

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 6 months ago

Hi Martin,

Using more glue layers doesn’t give any real performance increase, just perhaps a very slightly different feeling. Sometimes players use 2 layers of glue on the rubber and one on the blade (Depending on what type of glue and which rubber) as sometimes the first layer on the rubber is soaked up a lot and won’t give a good strong stick.

It certainly won’t make the bat play any better, just a case of getting a good stick really. Having another layer of glue on the rubber will give it an a ever so slightly softer feel but this is very minimal and most people wouldn’t feel any difference. Professional players all have their own way they like to glue which they are comfortable with but again that’s just preference and has a minimal impact on the bat.

So in short, you are right, as long as its sticks well together then keep going with it as you are 🙂

replied 6 months ago

Excellent. Thank you for the good explanation 🙂

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