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ReeceTowe123 asked 1 week ago

I normally use a timo Boll alc blade with hurricane 2 on the forehand and tenergy 05 on backhand. I feel with this setup I lack a bit of control on the backhand. So I have decided to go back to a wood blade and felt like I had a lot more control on my backhand but I felt that I lacked power on my forehand. Should I continue to use this wood blade and change my forehand rubber to something faster like an mx-p or should I use the timo Boll alc with a softer rubber on the backhand like an 05 fx and keep the hurricane on the forehand

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 7 days ago

Hey Reece,

Personally I love the control and feeling of wood blades so I would suggest keeping that and maybe going to a faster forehand rubber. You may even find after a while that you get more used to the forehand side and that you have enough power anyway.

I feel the blade and having control there is important though so that’s the way I would go 🙂


replied 6 days ago


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