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ReeceTowe123 asked 4 months ago

I normally use a timo Boll alc blade with hurricane 2 on the forehand and tenergy 05 on backhand. I feel with this setup I lack a bit of control on the backhand. So I have decided to go back to a wood blade and felt like I had a lot more control on my backhand but I felt that I lacked power on my forehand. Should I continue to use this wood blade and change my forehand rubber to something faster like an mx-p or should I use the timo Boll alc with a softer rubber on the backhand like an 05 fx and keep the hurricane on the forehand

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 4 months ago

Hey Reece,

Personally I love the control and feeling of wood blades so I would suggest keeping that and maybe going to a faster forehand rubber. You may even find after a while that you get more used to the forehand side and that you have enough power anyway.

I feel the blade and having control there is important though so that’s the way I would go 🙂


replied 4 months ago


replied 2 months ago

Perhaps you could consider the Hurricane 3 Neo on the forehand, it’s a bit softer and more lively making it easier to loop with (but still very hard the throw angle is still low so you won’t need to adjust much from hurricane 2).

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