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maurice101 asked 4 weeks ago

How do you  change the mental habit of going for too  much in a slower ball and losing form and consistency.
I love the feeling of the ball going past the opponent without him getting the bat on the ball.
So I get rewarded for going too hard and loosing consistency.

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 4 weeks ago

Hi Maurice, this can be a tricky one but I have wokred with a few players who have a similar problem to this and end up making too many unforced errors. Of course it’s a great feeling when you get a clean winner, but getting better results will be even more satisfying and this will be done by focusing on removing inconsistent shots and mistakes from your game.

Quite often it’s the players who can do the basics and the nitty-gritty things in matches who do well, so not making mistakes on pushing, serving tight, getting the first spin on with quality etc. If you can focus on not giving the opponent any points they haven’t really earned you’ll see an improvement in results I’m sure.

So when you get tempted with a big power shot try to focus more on placement and good positioning rather than power. So maybe played wide into a corner or even better into the body/crossover of the opponent 🙂

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