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bram_parlevliet asked 4 months ago

Hi Dan and Tom,
I tried to change my grip from backhandgrip to neutralgrip but I find it very hard and it also feels very unnatural. With my grip now, I feel very uncomfortable when I play one forehand then one backhand. Do you have any tips on changing my grip?

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Dan Academy Coach answered 4 months ago

Hi Bram,

is this request specifically for the Par Gerell serve from the course? From a serve point of view, after using the backhand grip you want shift back into your neutral comfortable playing grip after the serve.

If this grip change was not related to the Par Gerell Serving Masterclass then I would suggest you find a more neutral grip so you don’t have to make to many adjustments between your backhand and forehand. In terms of tips I would actually find a grip that you find comfortable with. Many, many pros all have different grips, theres no one right way to grip the bat. From my experience having a neutral grip between the backhand and forehand is the best way to go in terms of how it feels. I have a grip change between my forehand and backhand, it’s something ive been able to adapt to. If you’re able to send us in a video we will be able to provide some grip feedback 🙂

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