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Slicepong asked 6 months ago

Hi Dan and Tom. Happy New year to you both. Do you think it’s an issue that I adjust grip slightly from forehand to backhand? The forehand is fine, but the backhand feels very constricted and uncomfortable without a small adjustment with my fingers while doing the traditional shake hands grip with index along bottom ans thumb at 45. My backhand is still very much a work in progress, but it would be worse without the change. No issues with being rushed yet. Do you guys adjust grip? Thanks.

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 6 months ago

Hi Slicepong, happy new year!

To be honest most players do change their grip, even if it is just slightly from backhand to forehand. Our feeling is that as long as it’s not a huge change and restricting your play, slowing down your switching or recovery a small change is ok. I personally do change my grip slightly and have never found it to be a problem but I also know players who change grip and it is clearly slowing them down, so it is individual as everyone has slightly different grips.

So overall as long as it’s not a big change and making it hard to recover or switch quickly between backhands and forehands at higher speed then it’s not a problem. Only thing I would say is try to minimize the change as much as you can whilst still being comfortable on both sides, just to be as efficient as possible 🙂

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