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Nomad asked 6 months ago

Hi Guys
In one of your earlier videos you showed the grip for playing strokes during rallies with the forefinger and thumb lying across the base of the bat at each side (not the service grip). Previously the web part of my hand between finger and thumb was tight against the neck of the bat. I found this good for control but felt it somewhat restricted the use of the wrist when producing spin, especially when playing shots like the backhand flick where the wrist can turn through 90 degrees or more.
My moving my hand a fraction down the blade (about 5mm) just clear of the neck of the bat I found that this gave my wrist more flexibility to produce spin, speed and power through greater ability to rotate the wrist.  (Also I found the blade was less likely to get in the way when producing a backhand flick).
As a tennis player I compared this to holding a racket. If you hold a racket further up from the base you would lose power as the swing would be restricted.
This is not a major change in grip but I would be interested in your views about the theory.
Best wishes

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 6 months ago

Hi Alex,

I know exactly what you mean with this adjustment and I do think it’s also mainly down to you feeling confident and comfortable with the grip too. I do feel that the web part of your hand shouldn’t srop too far down and also your hand too far downnthe balde as this makes it harder to have really good control over the blade head and also feel the ball on contact. But from what you’ve said it’s only a slight adjustment and if it feels less restricted and more comfortable i don’t see it being a problem 🙂 feel free to send us in pictures or videos so we can have a closer look but to me it sounds like this change should be fine.

Cheers, Tom

replied 6 months ago

Thanks Tom
i hope to have a table tennis robot delivered early nect weelk so hopefully I can send a few videos of forehand and backhand technique as well as a variety of service actions for your comments.

Academy Coach replied 6 months ago

That’s great Alex, look forward to seeing some videos on the robot in the future 🙂

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