Coach CornerTacticsh-ow-do-you-play-against-someone-who-chops-the-ball-to-bounce-high-mid-court
jonevans asked 3 weeks ago

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 3 weeks ago

Hi Jon,

These types of shots can be tricky to deal with, there are a couple of options on how to deal with them. The first one is trying to move in towards the ball slightly if it is mid court and going for a good heavy topspin by brushing forwards and into the shot. If you aren’t confident to do this you can wait for the ball to drop and push the ball back or even try to tocuh the ball shorter by taking it soon after it has bounced.

I think a common error is not moving into the ball whenn its mid court and then being to far away to make a good contact. Even a slow topspin in this situation is good because its hard to chop heavy topspin and keep it low.

replied 3 weeks ago

Thanks Tom. I tried stepping in and brushing vertically using a TT robot today and that worked well when the ball had backspin.

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