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Slicepong asked 6 months ago

Gentlemen. Excellent vid on the  half long to backhand. My open up is a work in progress and I know it’s the optimal option, but I wonder what’s wrong with taking it early if you’re unsure of the length and flicking. Many times I can’t read the serve or return easily and end up with a weak reply. Is a mid-court-to-deep-flick a viable option? Also, generally if the ball lands 1/3 to 1/2 way on your side does this mean it’s half long? What’s a good guide? Thanks.

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Dan Academy Coach answered 6 months ago

Hey Slicepong,

Glad you enjoyed the video on the half long on the backhand side. You can definitely take the ball earlier but it is higher risk. Taking the ball earlier gives your opponent less time to, so this is good. If the ball lands 1/2 on your side it pretty much means its long and you can go for your normal open up shot. I would say spend a lot of practice in this area so you get more comfortable. Multi ball drills are good with your feeder mixing up the ball from half long to long, this will help you improve your judgement and give you more confidence in this area of the game.

Hope this helps 🙂

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