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Ejblache asked 2 weeks ago

Hi all,
Was hoping to get some feedback on my forehand topsin? I’ve been playing TT for a year (more or less) and haven’t had any coaching aside from helpful club members. I’m planning on using my robot to dial in all the basic strokes. In the video you’ll see things start to break down when I start having to move.

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 2 weeks ago

Hey Ejblache, first off I think after playing for around a year your forehand is looking very good! Using a robot is a good way to really master the basic strokes and get confident with the correct technique. I would say a couple of key things to focus on right now for you that will help you progress are, focusing on keeping a slightly more relaxed arm as you swing and thinking about a bit softer feel on the ball, both these 2 are kind of linked together and will help you control the ball a bit easier and develop your touch and contact on the ball.

I actually thought your topspin looked pretty good when doing the 2 points but feel you can get your weight and body leaning more forward, you are a little bit upright which means the bat angle can sometimes open up slightly as you contact, so think about leaning forward slightly and being crouch a bit lower. The random placement part is obviously the hardest but also very important to keep doing in the development of this shot, if you get too used to the robot playing in one spot it doesn’t mimic match situations where the ball is always moving and you never learn to adapt so definitely keep working on random too.

For now I think focusing on those couple of points I’ve mentioned is good, rather than over thinking about to many different things because I feel you actual movement and swing is pretty good just needs slight tweaks. Any questions on that just let me know, keep up the good work!

Cheers, Tom

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