Christian Persson asked 2 months ago

I used to play on a decent level when 1 was a kid, for like 2 years, between 11-13. I have now started again 30 years later. I can feel that i still have the strokes, so i feel i dont need a safety bat. I got recommended a MarkV from Yasaka, so i bought that. I feel i am easily outmaneuvered sometimes because other players  are able to hit much harder, or with more spin. I lean towards being a more aggressive player, control game doesnt seem natural to me. Can i have some recommendations on a really fast rubber with much spin? I am leaning towards something like Yasaka Rakza 9, max, on both sides. How about that? Any recommendations on even faster rubbers?

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Dan Academy Coach answered 2 months ago

Hey Christian, Ok yes I can understand what you mean and if you have already played a decent level then the Mark v will be too slow for you. The Rakza 9 is a good option, or also if you want something fast with good spin the Tibhar evolution mxp is great or also Tenergy 05, bot of these are nice and fast but have good spin still. I would say they are both also faster than the Rakza 9 as well 🙂

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