Coach CornerHitting harder or spinnier during matches?
darion888 asked 1 year ago

I’ve been recently wondering if I should open my game of a backspin ball more aggressive with some kicking effect and with a more forward motion or maybe slower and spinnier? Which would be more difficult in most cases to block and harder for the opponent? 

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 1 year ago

Hey Darion, the best thing to do in match play is always vary your shots and adjust to each type of ball. Sometimes if the opponent has played a very good push which is low then you need to play slower and with more spin, of course sometimes the push or return will be weaker and you don’t need as much spin so you can play with more speed and power. So it does depend on the type of ball your opponent plays, if you are in position, if you are confident etc, all these factors come into play.

But even if you feel you can play aggressive on all these shots it’s still important to add variation and keep your opponents guessing, if you always play the same type of shot then it becomes predictable and people will get used to it. The top players vary their open ups very well, so sometimes fast, sometimes a lot of spin and slow and of course changing the placement as well. This is what will make you hard to play against if the opponents are not sure what type of ball is coming and they always have to adapt and make decisions quickly 🙂

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