Coach CornerMatch playhow-can-i-deal-with-balls-that-end-up-really-deep-whether-its-on-my-fh-or-bh
Hamza Caratela asked 1 year ago

When these balls end up deep inside the table I mostly end up putting it into the net or off the table in (matches and training). My technique seems it does not work for balls that end up really deep on the table, like right on the white baseline. How can I fix this. 

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Dan Academy Coach answered 1 year ago

Hey Hamza, these types of shots can definitely be tricky. I think the best way to miss less of these shots is to adjust your feet and body and give yourself a bit more space from the table. People normally end up getting too close to the ball when it hits the white line and don’t have enough time to play their normal shot. So if the ball does end up there try to take a little step back and go for a controlled spin, this way you will have more margin for error and a bit more time to adjust. Even if the ball has dropped slightly this is alright because you can just add a bit more topspin. Hope this helps. Dan 🙂

Hamza Caratela
replied 1 year ago

Thanks for the tips dan I’ll try this out 🙂

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