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Varun.gautams asked 12 months ago

Hi Coaches, The videos are wonderful. I want to ask that how important are fears to improve the game. I have a strong forehand and top spin is my strength. I user Andro Rasanter V42 on FH and R42 on BH with Andro Kantar FO blade. I somehow feel I am missing the bite on the ball. Is my gear right or shall I upgrade.

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 12 months ago

Hi Varun, we’re glad you are enjoying the videos! To me it sounds like you have a good set-up here and its probably just a case of taking time to really focus on developing more spin and quality on the ball.

Stick with what you have for noe I would say and try to do drills against a backspin push and work on getting a slow topspin with lots of spin by brushing slightly more up the back of the ball.

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