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ReeceTowe123 asked 4 months ago

How do the Chinese players such as ma long and fan zhendong get so much power even more so than the European players but they are using such slow equipment. When I have used hurricane 3 I feel like I get half the speed compared to a tenergy so how can they get this amount of power in their shots? 

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 4 months ago

Hey Reece, so these players will boost the Chinese rubbers which makes them softer and a lot more speed. But also players like Ma Long etc have such strong technical skills and acceleration which means they can still get a lot of power. They use the legs and body so well which enables them to still play strong shots with Hurricane 3 and similar rubbers.

replied 3 months ago

Thanks Tom also just another question about training. Do you think it is more effective to focus on improving spin in training and really working on how to get more spin then add in power later or is it more effective to try and develop spin and power at the same time. I often find myself hitting the ball fast in training but can’t keep up with the pace in a match. I also have noticed people struggle to counter a slower spinny ball more than a faster flatter one. Do you think it makes sense for me to work on more controlled spin and then improve power later whilst maintaining all the spin

Academy Coach replied 3 months ago

Yes for me I think developing spin first is important. As you said lots of players struggle more with a slow heavy spin ball rather than speed. You can definitely improve spin and then add more power later on with more legs, body and acceleration 🙂

replied 3 months ago


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