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gabriel_lee asked 3 years ago

In general I am quite good at looping more fast aggressive pushes as I can feel the spin and speed and use to my advantage to guide the ball over the net (both backhand and forehand is fine). But I loose a lot of confidence when an opponent can vary. I have trouble telling the difference between a heavy backspin push or dig, and an empty one with no spin and I start getting confused and hitting balls out and into the net very often in matches. Any way on dealing with this? I also have a lot of trouble when opponents can receive my shot with sidespin push making them even harder for me adjust too

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 3 years ago

Hey Gabriel,

Yes I can understand this of course and it’s not always easy to read the spin on a push like that. I would say the most important is to really watch the contact on their bat but also the speed of their bat. Often the ball will come through with more backspin if they make a faster cutting action and much less spin if its a slower more careful push action. Also I think focusing on spin and getting a good contact in the ball is important when your aren’t 100% sure in how much spin there is. Getting more spin helps you to control your shot and the ball much easier.

With the sidespin push again really trying to get more spin on your shot is key, if you don’t the sidespin can kick the ball off to the side or long. So try to aim for the body on these shots and go for more spin.

Often on these type of shots confidence is key and taking time to really work in this area will help you feel you have a better understanding of what to do.

Of course not ideal but sometimes if you are really not sure you may have to push a shot first before playing a loop, and waiting for one you feel confident about the spin on to open up. Against some players this is absolutely fine, of course if they have a very good loop or attack its better if you can loop first but sometimes it’s about being patient and cutting down the mistakes by taking a bit more time.

Let us know how you get on!

Cheers, Tom

replied 3 years ago

Yes, after some training today I think if I brush the ball more and focus on getting a good arc and spin over than net I will be much more safe. I have some pennant/ league matches in 2 days and I’ll try to be more confident and decisive. I’ll let you know if anything relating to this topic happens to me then.

replied 3 years ago

I also generally only tend to watch the ball and try to read it and react rather than focus on the opponents contact (often even when they serve). Which is probably not the best thing to do all the time. So I’ll try to be more aware of the way opponent contacts the ball like you said 🙂

TomTom Academy Coach answered 3 years ago

Yeah definitely try to focus on the contact and really go for spin as you said. I’m sure with time and focus on this area you’ll see an improvement. Good luck for the matches and let us know how it goes 🙂

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