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SteveWAD asked 3 years ago

Often in warm up and in matches the ball hits the top of my bat and busts the ball in half..this is a total annoyance and breaks/damages a lot of balls especially the plastic ones..any tips on what to adjust in the timing or stroke to reduce this ..i have tried to correct but nothings working

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 3 years ago

Hi SteveWAD,

Yes I know many players find this frustrating and can also happen more than you expect. So usually this is a timing problem or the bat angle/position as you come in for the shot.

So a couple of things to have a go at:

Try keeping the bat higher than you normally would when coming in for the shot and try to imagine you are brushing across the top of the ball.

Next is to slow down a touch a really get a good recovery between shots which allows more time, also focus on contacting the ball in front of your body and not too late.

The last thing to try is adjusting the bat angle, you can open the bat slightly and still have a good position to spin the ball, so give that a try too. Let us know of you’re still having problems and we’re always happy to analyse a video of you want. Hope those tips will help you anyway!

replied 3 years ago

Thanks for the prompt response. Good tips
You guys are awesome..
The contacting more in front is a good one i didnt really consider..that may crack the case..i will try it.

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