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Jogesh Jain asked 2 months ago

While training my son. We observed a need to develop ball sense. (Also suggested by you in a video review).

One of the thing we understand is it will develop as he progresses on the journey and with playing different types of players.

What are other ways to develop ball sense?

Any drills and videos you can guide me to will help.

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Dan Academy Coach answered 2 months ago

Hey Jogesh, with ball sense do you mean like feeling for the ball? We have a few videos which can help with this and some advice but just wanted to check this is what you meant? Dan

Jogesh Jain
replied 2 months ago

Ball sense meaning understanding the nature of effect in the ball. If it is a cut or a loose ball. Long or short ball. It has a side spin or back spin in the ball. These I would put under ball sense.

Academy Coach replied 2 months ago

Ok I see what you mean, yes this takes some time to improve and of course match experience will help this a lot and playing different players as well to get used to a wide range of styles and shots. Doing multi ball practice is also a great way to improve this, if the feeder can vary the spin, speed and placement on the shots so he has to adapt and read each ball and not just get in a rhythm with the same timing.

For the long or short balls a good way to improve this is for him to serve and then the opponent has to touch short or push long and he has to read quickly what shot is coming and either step in or get ready for a topspin. Doing these drills and just playing with different players will really help him with this.

Dan 🙂

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