Coach CornerTechniquesHow to hit strong topspin shot (forehand and backhand) down the line with disguise and accuracy?
SidTT asked 9 months ago

Subject – How to hit strong topspin shot (forehand and backhand) down the line with disguise and accuracy?
Hey guys,
So hitting a strong topspin cross court (be it forehand or backhand) is easy because that is the natural stroke for that body position. But I struggle in hitting the same shot down the line. What changes should do I do in my topspin shot (for both forehand and backhand) when I want to hit the ball down the line.
I also want to disguise or do minimum changes so that I don’t telegraph to the opponent that I am about to go down the line but I also do not want to sacrifice on the speed and accuracy.
From what I read online, the basics for hitting down the line topspin without too many changes are the following (please correct if wrong and obviously please build upon them):

  1. Take the ball a little late.
  2. Don’t close the shoulder in case of forehand topspin and in case of backhand topspin don’t open the shoulder too much.
  3. Try to take the follow through in the direction of down the line and do not let the follow through cross the imaginary line going from your nose down to the floor.
  4. For forehand one can also open up the wrists a little and for backhand, close the wrists a little.

Please advise.

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Dan Academy Coach answered 9 months ago

Hey Sid, yes playing down the line can be more difficult than cross court like you said because of the body position. You will need to adjust your feet position for playing down the line so you aren’t too square to the table and alps open up your body position so you can still rotate your shoulders back and generate power.

From the points you’ve listed they are correct for sure. I would say point 3 is very important for forehand to get the energy going forward. For backhand down the line I would say point 4 is important because the wrist on the backhand plays a big part in the disguise you can get and also controlling the direct of the shot.

The other key parts to playing down the line on both sides are not reaching for the ball too far away from the body. It’s important not to rushing and force it down the line, try to contact the ball in front still but especially backhand allow the ball to come through close to the body when you hit it. Also try to keep a relaxed grip and wrist which will mean you can adjust your arm position and bat angle more easily

Thanks, Dan:)

replied 9 months ago

Thanks Dan.
Please consider making a video on this.


Academy Coach replied 9 months ago

No problem Sid, we definitely will when we can get down and film new videos again after the lockdown for a month here in the UK.

replied 9 months ago

Thanks Dan!
Yeah read about the lockdown. Turbulent times. You all stay safe.
Best wishes

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