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ReeceTowe123 asked 1 year ago

I have good attacking shots but I often place them straight to the opponents bat meaning they are easily blocked, are there any drills I can use to improve the awareness of the opponent

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Dan Academy Coach answered 1 year ago

Hey Reece, yes I know this feeling as sometimes I can have a similar problem in matches! The best way is to work on irregular placement drills, so for example your opponent blocks into your forehand side and you can topspin anywhere on the table, then you can practice hitting into difficult areas for them.

I also think just the simple tactic of focusing your strong attacking shots into the body/elbow of the opponent. This is great because it gives you a clear and simple thing to focus on with your placement. It’s also the most difficult place for opponents to get a good block or counter attacking shot back. This simple tactic and focus helped me a lot in games so definitely give that a try!

replied 1 year ago

Thanks Dan

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