Coach CornerEquipmentHow to or best way to clean New Table Tennis Balls / Heavily Used Dirty Balls?
Lucas Chacon asked 9 months ago

I am curious if you guys have a good way to clean the powder off new balls and dirt off of heavily used dirty balls? I consistently am using my Power Pong Omega robot and from all the balls I miss hitting the floor they get a lot of dirt on them. The dirt from the floor gets on the balls and then gets onto my rubber and my rubber gets very dirty as well. The same also happens with new balls but almost worse than old balls. I read that taking a damp microfiber cloth with a very little bit of baking soda would help clean them off? Would that be safe? I do not want the balls to get ruined from me cleaning them because they were expensive but dang all the dust and stuff they’ve collected has to go! 

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Dan Academy Coach answered 9 months ago

Hey Lucas, I wouldn’t use anything like baking power that’s for sure, it will damage the balls. The best thing is to just get them in a bucket or container and use some cold water to wash them and then dry them off straight away with a microfiber cloth. That’s the safest and best way to get off the dirt and dust for you.

Dan 🙂

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