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Ziv Glazer asked 11 months ago

Is there any existing vid for playing against short pimple choppers?
I saw one about long pimples. I have like 3 players like this in the clubs I play.
Also is there or can there be something about how long/short pimples work exactly and what is their effect on the ball (unlike normal rubbers which is more obvious)
Thanks !

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 11 months ago

Hey Ziv, we are definitely looking to add more videos on the Academy about different types of pimples for sure. We have a video on how how long pimples wor and what they do to the ball here:

This should help your general understanding of pimples, short pimples have slightly less of this effect and can be used to hit and punch at the table as well so that is slightly different. We will definitely add some videos looking at short pimples to the site soon! 🙂

Ziv Glazer
replied 11 months ago

Thanks Tom !

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