Coach CornerHow to play like lin yun ju
Hugoekeroth asked 6 months ago

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 6 months ago

Hi Hugoekeroth,

I think we’d all love to play like Lin Yun Ju hes an incredible talent! From what I’ve seen of him he doesn’t play woth huge power like the Chinese top players, of course he has strong topspin shots but his game is much more about using the angles well and playing controlled topspin attacks and counter attacks at an early timing. He takes away the opponents big shots by giving them no time and forcing them wide and into difficult positions.

What I like the most about his game that i think players of all levels can copy and kearn from is how relaxed he is when playing, he bever really looks tense in his shots or like he’s really trying to hit the ball hard,he stays smooth and relaxed even ehen going for power and I feel thats the key to his game. If you want to play like him you definitely need a good backhand block and quick counter as well as he deos this brilliantly. I hope that gives you some insight and ideas into his game!

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