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aniket_mishra asked 1 month ago

I am playing state level Tournament but the tables which are provided by organisers is in very bad condition . There are lots of bubbles on the surface of table . Height of table is also short (approx 4-5 inches short) because legs are also damaged . Some players complained regarding this but organisers use COVID situation as an excuse and refuse to provide better tables so we have to play on these tables as it is an important tournament . So today I played for 30 minutes to get the idea of table. So these difficulties I faced –
1. The ball is staying very low not bouncing enough which causing trouble in playing topspin rallies .
2. Side spin serves aren’t much effective because surface is not gripping the ball . 
I did try some no spin and topspin serves but didn’t get good results I am a forehand dominated player with decent backhand 
Someone please give me tips so that I can play on these tables.

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 4 weeks ago

Hey Aniket, it doesn’t sound like good conditions at all and of course this is very hard to play well. The only good thing is that it’s the same for everyone so you will all have the same problems. It’s very hard to give tips on how to play on such tables but what I would say is if your a forehand dominant player then try to get this into play as early as possible with a strong topspin and play aggressive to finish the points more quickly.

I would also say stick to simples serves and just keep them short and tight. Lastly, try to put the conditions and the tables out of your mind as much as possible and focus on what you can control, do your best to focus on your game and the individual tactics against your opponents. Best of luck!

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