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ReeceTowe123 asked 2 weeks ago

I am a player who likes to stay close and counter attack and counter loop. Are there any drills you can suggest to help me improve my counter topspins and also any off the table excercises to help improve reaction time because I often find that i miss some easy balls because i am too slow to react. Would irregular drills help with this?

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 1 week ago

Hey Reece,

It sounds like you play a similar style to me by staying close and counter attacking. Multi ball with an irregular topspin feed to wither the forehand or backhand and you have to coubter is a great drill for speed and reactions. Also if you get a practice partner to topspin with their forehand anywhere innthe table and you have to block or counter back to their forehand corner, thats a great drill.

Off the table speed work, I’d say probably best to work on footwork and speed in that area as improving general reaction times is better done with on table drills.

So ladder drills are great or also have a look at a couple of the cone drill videos we have in the fitness section on the Academy. I hope that helps and anything else let us know 🙂

replied 1 week ago

I will have a go at all of theese thanks

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