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Nomad asked 4 months ago

Hi Guys
Some time ago you produced a video on the value of producing a forehand topspin deep to the opponenet’s side of the table.  If unexpected, this could result in a weaker return. Would a slight change in the angle of the bat to more open at the end of the backswing help lift the ball over the net and so produce a deeper ball?
I came across a demonstation by a professional who keeps the bat angle around 45 degrees on the backswing for a forehand drive then, by bending the wrist slightly backwards, opens the bat angle near the end of the backswing, then returns to the original angle as he closes over the top of the ball to produce a heavy topspin drive deep to the opponent’s side of the table (almost similar to your video on how to get more power from your forehand topspin?)
Could this change in bat angle help to produce a more consistent, deep forehand topspin?

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Dan Academy Coach answered 4 months ago

Hey Alex!

Yes I think this bar angle change you mentioned can help in this area as you said. As long as the adjustment isn’t to big where its then difficult to contact the ball well, brush across it and get the spin. The best way is to experiment with this slight angle change and also really trying to get a good acceleration through the ball to get it deep. Making good use of the body and legs to help as much as you can.

Let us know how you find it, Dan 🙂

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